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You no longer need a friend with a boat. With Katherine Landing’s boat rentals, we offer a wide selection of boats for all your recreation needs. Whether you are a first time boater or veteran, our boats are extremely easy to drive. After a quick orientation, you will be off enjoying the waters in no time. Go and explore our 198 secluded beach coves!

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Please Call: (928) 754-3245

Rental Hours
Summer Season: 7:00am – 5:00pm
Winter Season: 8:00am – 3:30pm

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Vessel Type RentalNumber of PassengersFuel Capacity
(2 hr minimum)
1/2 Day
(4 hours)
20ft.Ski Boat630150 HP Outboard$65$220$325$1,950
21ft. Deluxe Wakeboard Boat8404.5 Liter V6 I/O$100$375$585$3,510
16ft. Fishing Boat4615 HP Outboard$30$65$120$720
10ft. Personal Watercraft2161100 CC Four Stroke$65$225$360$2,160
28ft. Patio Boat102440 HP Outboard$55$175$275$1,650
Equipment Type RentalHourly
(2 hr minimum)
1/2 Day
(4 hours)
Pro Ski$25$55$330
Rod & Reel$12$15$20$120
Waiver: Propeller$8$8$8$8
Waiver: Loss/Damage$25$25$25$25

A $500 per boat security deposit is required for all boat rentals, and will be refunded when the boat is returned undamaged and with the inventory intact. Hourly and half day rentals begin after 12:00 pm (noon).

Boat Rental & Equipment Reservations
(928) 754-3245

Lake Mohave Coves

One of the many fishing coves
Lake Mohave Katherine Landing Cove
Lake Mohave Katherine Landing Cove
Pet Friendly Coves



  1. Engine starting: Choke position, manual choke, primer bulb
  2. Controls: Throttle: forward & reverse, shift & trim
  3. Buoy markings, no wake, 5 MPH
  4. Type of gas: Regular gas, plus oil. Check separate V.R.O. tank (if applicable)
  5. Towing of boat & tie-up instructions. (If permitted by Marina.)
  6. Return time and return location
  7. V.R.O. oil indicator: What to do if it sounds. One short beep every 40 seconds = low oil. Horn sounds with short rapid tones = no oil. 8. Overheating indicator: What to do if it sounds. Horn sounds continuously, engine will not exceed 2500 r.p.m.


  1. 5 MPH in Harbor Area
  2. Observe state and federal boating laws and safety regulations. Coast Guard regulations place the responsibility for the safety of the passengers and boat upon the operator of the boat.
  3. Wear personal flotation devices at all times when boat is in operation. Explain how to put it on.
  4. Customer is hereby notified that the throwable device, in addition to being a cushion, is a piece of lifesaving equipment that will support a person in the water.
  5. No boating between sunset and sunrise.
  6. Reef and shallow water areas. Observe restricted boating areas.
  7. Safety rules for water skiing. No skiing north of mile marker 44 on Lake Mohave.
  8. Children under age 13 must wear a life jacket when on a vessel of 26 feet or less while under way.
  9. It is prohibited to operate any watercraft while under the influence of drugs or alcohol or in a reckless or negligent manner, or in a manner that endangers or is likely to endanger persons or property.
  10. Weather Reviewed – Customer acknowledges the review of upcoming weather conditions.
  11. Exceeding the maximum passenger capacity may result in forfeiture of security deposit, impoundment of vessel and/or citations from law enforcement agencies.
  12. Damage to vessel(s) and/or equipment, violation(s) of the rental contract, and/or rules/regulations of the waterways may result in forfeiture of renter’s security deposit, impoundment of vessel and/or citations from law enforcement agencies. Renter’s liability is not limited to the amount of security deposit.
  13. All accidents, wherein damages to the Small Boat exceed $200.00 or the Small Boat involves another vessel or there is damage to other property, regardless of amount, must be reported to local law enforcement authorities for immediate investigation.
  14. Prohibited: Barbecuing on-board vessels, containers of fuel on-board vessels, transportation of personal watercraft and/or heavy equipment on-board vessels.