A short boat ride north of Katherine Landing Marina on the east side of the lake is a narrow, rocky cove that goes by the name; Gasoline Alley.  With crystal clear water, rock ledges for diving and a National Park Service restroom at the far end of the cove on a small sandy beach, Gasoline Alley is a very popular destination on busy summer weekends and you can expect company. But midweek, the cove is often empty and the cool waters can be glassy and virtually undisturbed by boat traffic. An amazing calm retreat from a breezy day on the lake or  a spot to relax with a few friends, Gasoline Alley is one of 198 (or more) coves on Lake Mohave for water based summer fun and spectacular scenery. And with a revitalized rental boat fleet at Katherine Landing, the excuse “I don’t have a boat” just will not hold water anymore. Enjoy your summer, explore Lake Mohave’s coves and beaches with friends and family.  Just don’t drop your phone in the lake before you post that Katherine Landing selfie.