Mud, plants and animals that may be lurking on your watercraft, trailer, equipment, or on your vehicle will cause the spread of invasive mussels. Invasive mussels cause millions of dollars of damage to boat and water systems by clogging pipes and engines. They also impact the native ecosystem and sport fisheries.

Quagga and zebra mussels are freshwater mollusks that typically have a zebra-like pattern on their shells. They are alien to North America. They can spread to other inland waters either in their immature form transported in water hidden in livewells, bilge, and motors or as adults attached to boat hulls, engines, aquatic weeds, equipment and other surfaces. The spread of quagga and zebra mussels to Lake Mead and Lake Mohave will potentially cost millions of dollars by clogging engines and encrusting boats and facilities, disrupting the food chain, disrupting sport fishing, and littering beaches with sharp smelly shells.


  • Clean Your Boat and Your Equipment Every time you leave the water.
  • Remove any visible mud, plants, fish or animals before transporting equipment;
  • Eliminate water from equipment before transporting;
  • Clean, drain, and dry anything that comes in contact with water (boats, trailers, vehicles, equipment, clothing, dogs, etc.).

Frequently Asked Questions about Quagga Mussels (PDF)
Clean, Drain, and Dry Resource